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One thought on “Velocity

  1. Dear Michele,
    I am Nancy Krygowski, the poet, and I am writing to thank you for my beautiful book cover. I tried emailing you years ago, when I learned your photo would be my cover, but the message was returned to me. I love my book cover very much, so many readers have told me how much they love the cover, but I never had the chance to tell you.

    A few weeks ago, I visited Carhenge (to show the sight to my husband and daughter and to take a photo of me and my book), and this made me want to try to contact you again.

    I had traveled to Carhenge with friends in the mid 1990’s, and we arrived just as the sun was setting. We expected the sculptures to be fun and kitschy, but we were amazed at how beautiful and mystical they were. That image and feeling stayed with me, and I dreamed that one day I could use that image for a book cover. Your photo perfectly captured my initial experience with the sculptures, and I think its mood works perfectly with the ideas in my book.

    Thank you so much for this beautiful work. I am so proud to have it as my book cover.
    With deep gratitude,
    Nancy Krygowski

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