Lübeck brick gothic

The best beer I ever had in Germany was in a Lübeck bierstube. Toward the end of a pretty warm day, before the evening shift of restaurants photography, I decided to take a rest and reward myself for the long workday. The stein was filled with a fresh, smooth, amber colored liquid, topped by a thick white foam. Delicious. Marzipan is another true delight in town. But I do not suggest you have it while drinking beer, they don’t mix too well. Try smoked sprat with beer instead and leave the dark chocolate covered marzipan for dessert. Besides that, which is a good start, Lübeck is a gem in the Unesco World Heritage list for architecture, the brick gothic churches and houses are gorgeous, and history, as the de facto capital of the Hanseatic League.

Canon A1, Canon T90. Ektachrome 100 and 400. The lens kit also comprised a Canon FD 20mm f:2.8 wide angle. I used the lens to shoot the middle photo in the bottom line, Holy Spirit Hospital; this is something that I wouldn’t do again today. Taste has changed and now I do not like that aesthetic any more. Almost 30 years ago this photo style was accepted.

All photos ©Michele Molinari

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