Royal Canadian Mounted Police

Canada is cold in the middle of Winter, and dark. And Yukon is even darker: the sun rises a few minutes before 11am and settles a short 6 hours later, that was so odd and unsettling to me! I was reporting on the Mounties, RCMP, and the 100 years anniversary of their presence in the Yukon Territories. I also visited the Headquarters in Ottawa and the Academy in Regina where, according to the taxi driver who drove me through the howling wind from the airport to the downtown hotel, “all the trees you see have been planted, we’ve no native trees here”. Police men and women were indeed always smiling and very helpful, it was a great experience.

Canon A1, Canon T90. Ektachrome 100 and 400, I also brought a few rolls of Ektachrome 200 Tungsten – for incandescent light bulbs – which I didn’t use because of the indoor light mix: fluorescent, tungsten and daylight.

All photos ©Michele Molinari

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