Lincoln Highway road trip

The Lincoln Highway is the first transcontinental road for automobiles in the Usa, dedicated in 1913. At a time when roads where more often built to connect grain storage silos or slaughterhouses to the nearest train station, the Lincoln Highway wound its way for over 3,000 miles (more than 5.000 km) between New York and San Francisco, going through dozens of Main Streets in towns and villages in 13 States. Adventurous first drivers conducted sturdy Ford Model Ts between Times Square and Lincoln Park, while the newly born tradition required a drink at the start and to spray the car with Pacific Ocean water upon arrival. Thanks to the LH Association that keeps memories alive, the Lincoln Highway has not been forgotten. Even nowadays travelers can relive the adventure.

Canon T90. Ektachrome 100 and 400. We did it in 7 days / 6 nights, driving a 1995 black Pontiac Grand Am, that didn’t leave us much time to pick the right light for photography. But things can always be worse, it could have rained all the way . Anyway. We allowed ourselves a brief detour in Nebraska, since I thought that probably that would have been my one and only chance in life to visit Carhenge – bottom line right. So far I have been right.

Lincoln Highway Map ©LHA

All photos ©Michele Molinari

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