Lisbon sweet old times

I was dispatched to Lisbon on a pretty boring assignment, I’ll spare you those photos and the narrative. What’s here, instead, are the images taken in between the photo shoots. It’s a reduced mix of what I perceived, probably superficial, about alfacinhas – the people of Lisbon -: a mingle of devotion to traditions in a reality that seemed chained to memories. And, ok, I know, I fell in love with electricos – the single car tramways.

Canon T90. Ektachrome 100 and some rolls of Ektachrome 200 Tungsten. The assignment was mostly indoors, but I only used one or two rolls of E200T because of the omnipresent indoor light mix: fluorescent, tungsten and daylight/streetlights. Even when lights were all tungsten – incandescent light bulbs – the bulbs’ age and consequent light temperature was so uneven that once I saw the developed result the most common comment was “fff..k”. One thing to remember / know: in analog times once you loaded a film roll into the camera you were stuck with it, its sensitivity and light specification, till the end of the 36 shots. Meaning that one of the camera bodies you brought was “taken”. Rolls were so expensive that nobody even thought about removing them before full usage.

All photos ©Michele Molinari

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