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Zenith Nature

The project was born when I bought a drone but I really got a kick out of it during the pandemic, when people were forbidden to travel far from home. Hovering above natural parks and marshes that surround my hometown was, and still is, a way to escape from the ordinary. I used the healing power of photography and my subjective view of nature to counterbalance the loss of control that the pandemic cast upon my and all lives. I concentrate on producing images not immediately recognizable for what they're. Zenith perspective helps in that, as we usually look at nature from below or from aside.

"... your creative choices in composition, color, form, and subject, create a map of new areas to discover. Your approach generates a feeling to the viewer of being both the pilot and the passenger on that journey."
" ... the images present visual ingredients of high quality. The pale color palettes create a soothing effect and the well-designed compositions express a mixture of order and chaos. Your strategy allows the work to address both the intellect (through the organization of the form) and the heart (via randomness and spontaneity.) "  -LensCulture Art Photography review 

Zenith Nature entered Official Selection in IPA2022.
Zenith Nature has been awarded Honorable Mention in MIFA2022.
Zenith Nature has been published on: 35mmc, Antivirus Gallery,  GlamourAffair.Vision N.16 (pag.55); and been awarded Honorable Mention at:  PX3 2021 Prix de la Photographie Paris.
Water Chestnuts is part of Landscapes exhibition at Praxis Gallery (Dec.-Jan. 2021-22), and has been admitted to the competition of lensculture Art Photography Awards 2022.
Fallen Sky has been selected for lensculture Art Photography Awards 2022 Competition Gallery, and has reached the semifinals at Share the View Int'l Nature Photography Competition.
White Branches has been awarded Honorable Mention at NYC4PA Trees competition.
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