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That Sky Book – photobook

That Sky Book – photobook

Michele Molinari lived for a few years in Recoleta, an aristocratic neighborhood that still keeps something of the old Frenchified past that the upper bourgeoisie treasured. And from there, from a permanent window and a fixed camera, he could assess the two qualities of the Buenos Aires sky: first, its fidelity and permanence — there are cities that make their skies disappear by vertigo and inclemency — and then, its absolute variety, resistant to all attempts of uniformity and custom. The great porteño sky is always there and is always different. – Ivonne Bordelois

Looking at these photographs means diving headfirst into the soul of Buenos Aires. Because to find the belly of a city you do not have to descend to the depths. You can also go upwards, with your gaze, with your imagination, with images. – Andrea Mauri

That Sky Book - Gold Winning BIFA2022
That Sky Book - Winning Placement / Second Place IPA2022
That Sky Book - Bronze Award MIFA2022
THAT SKY BOOK is a photobook. Photographs and text by Michele Molinari, more texts by Ivonne Bordelois and Andrea Mauri. [texts are in English, Italian and Spanish]

THAT SKY BOOK comes in 2 printed editions by Blurb, Softcover edition [7x7in, 18x18cm, 102 pages, Standard Photo paper, Flexible High-Gloss Laminated cover, 82 color photos] and Hardcover edition [7x7in, 18x18cm, 106 pages, Premium paper Matte finish,  Hardcover Dust Jacket cover, 82 color photos], and one Digital edition by Apple Books that features 82 color photos.

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978-1-0347479-4-9 Hardcover Dust Jacket edition
978-1-0347481-3-7 Softcover edition
978-1-0345434-8-0 Apple Books Digital edition
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