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Travel Photography Adventures – photobook

Travel Photography Adventures – photobook

In the nineties I had the chance to work extensively for a few travel and life-style magazines while I was based first in Milan, Italy and later in New York, NY. When on assignment the schedule was usually tight and the time to photograph not always in sync with the best light or weather conditions, it happens. Nonetheless I always managed to bring home the result and keep my editors happy, which is paramount if you want to land more assignments that, by the way, brought me to several countries around the world.

Some assignments were more fun than others, or easier to accomplish but, nevertheless, each one of them was a good experience and left enriching memories.

In Travel Photography Adventures you’ll find great photos and plenty of photography tips, travel suggestions and anecdotes, from Australia to Kyrgyzstan, from Brazil to The Netherlands, and much more.

I truly hope you’ll enjoy. Have fun 🙂

Following the many travel images shown in the Archive, Travel Photography Adventures is now a photobook, a great collection of beautiful pictures and enriching anecdotes.

It comes in print and digital.

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