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window seat, plz – photobook

window seat, plz – photobook

I’m a window seat guy. I still remember once when the airline reassigned seats and dropped me in the center right of a middle line of four on a 14-hour flight. I never ever flew with them again. Bad airline.

Mine is not a fixation, it’s a necessity, when I sit at the window I breathe. I breathe the chilled air outside, I drink the bright light, and I fill my mind with emotions. What’s out there is like a child’s toy box full of surprises to me. I spot nerdy stuff like geography maps and city layouts, but I also see artsy paintings of colors, nuances and shapes.

And I photograph, which is another great passion of mine. I know, purist photographers do not shoot through windows, not to mention a multilayer stretched acrylic window that generously and randomly enriches your photos with flares and odd hues – as you’ll find in many of the images reproduced in this book. But ask me if I care. Window seat photography is part of the whole experience, and for me a pleasurable one.

Hence, I give you window seat, plz and I truly hope you’ll enjoy it as much as I did in the making.

window seat, plz is a photobook. A great collection of beautiful pictures presented both in print and digital. Each format has over 70 images taken in a 20 years span zigzagging the skies, and the airports.

Signed copies come with a 20% discount + shipping! email me 🙂

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