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Buenos Aires – Disanima Piano II Edizione

During the days of XIX Festival di Letteratura di Mantova, the arts music and shows event of Disanima Piano II edition, September 10 – 12, 2015, come alive in the courtyard of the Casa Scalori historical palace, via Chiassi 10 in Mantua. Michele Molinari contributed with – Buenos Aires – installation: audio visual + mixed media … Continue reading

Sueños Urbanos
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Sueños Urbanos

Sueños Urbanos (Urban Dreams) is an Images Installation: 3 Visuals (photography) + 1 of the Mind (poetry) about desires sometimes out of reach. Seen through memory’s eyes, which has a very subjective light and colors perception, Sueño Urbano (Urban Dream), Sueño de Mediodía (Midday Dream) and Sueño de Atardecer (Late Afternoon Dream) tell of emotional moments, left … Continue reading

il bosco / il bosco / video

Il Bosco – video, performance at Terzopiano OS

Il Bosco. In Grimm’s Brothers fairy tales, in German folk Lieders, in Schumann’s musics, in Caspar Friedrich’s paintings, Nature takes over society becoming the place of infinity, search and contemplation, where man gets inspired to follow an inner path. In the same way, il Bosco by Michele Molinari is theatre of reflexion and meditation. It tells people’s … Continue reading